We Create Efficiency

Give your organization the possibility to make the right decisions based on data-driven insight rather than gut feeling.

Our Services

Data Engineering

We build a modern architecture that scales for big data. Connect all your data to ensure you get answers at the speed of thought.

Qlik design and development

Qlik has a powerful array of software that can help you better visualize your data. As experts we can effortlessly design and develop your solution.

Implementation best practices

Consider us your BI Competence Center and allow us to help you develop the best possible solution.

KPI & Dashboard definition

Effective KPI’s drive action that positively affects results through a clear definition of success. Focus your team and keep your plan on track with our visual dashboards

Training and coaching

With a consultancy team that gathered expertise and best practices from many business discovery implementations, Thinq can provide guidance and assistance in unlocking your data for success.

Review and optimization

Our experts have helped many businesses and mid-sized companies gain meaningful, actionable insights from their data.

Our Multidisciplinary Consultancy

Thinq offers a multidisciplinary consultancy service covering data engineering, development and training. We have a passion to deliver a high quality professional service through our innovative design philosophy and our technical ability.

Complex Problems - our specialization

At Thinq we love to solve digital problems.
Small ones, big ones – we honestly don’t mind.
Organizations struggle to succeed in their Digital Transformation because they lack the knowledge of the new technologies available, the vision of how to use them, and the skills to implement them. In the traditional approach to IT, most managers think they have to replace their main system spending huge budgets in a risky “big bang” project. However, because changing business practices with new tools can be complex this approach doesn’t work for digital projects.
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We are an official Qlik® Partner

The end-to-end data analytics platform without blind spots
Qlik Sense helps uncover insights that query-based BI tools simply miss. The one-of-a-kind Associative Engine brings together all your data so users can freely search and explore to find new connections. AI and cognitive capabilities offer insight suggestions, automation and conversational interaction. This leads to bigger, bolder discoveries and rising data literacy. And a governed, multi-cloud platform offers full deployment choice – including SaaS – and supports a complete range of BI use cases.

We are driven by design

Our methodologies are centered around making sense of your customer’s needs and goals. We then build out repeatable systems and environments to reduce uncertainty. Our design is as much based on strategy as it is creativity.

Big Corporate Structures

We are specialized in handling and building big corporate structures with large amounts of complicated data.

Official Qlik Partner

The focus of Thinq's BI consulting practice is to create better insights across all aspects of corporate data. As a Qlik Partner, we can better fulfill that mission by expanding into Qlik products.

Over 25 Years of Experience

Our business consultants have years of experience in implementing efficient products and processes in different types of organizations.

We Focus on performance

We use a quality first approach to reach the highest possible performance for your application.

Performance Driven

As the amount of data grows, both time and memory constraints may become very evident if the application is poorly designed.

Multidisciplinary Consultancy

Thinq offers a multidisciplinary consultancy service covering data engineering, development and training.

Quality First

The scalable solution is a safe investment thanks to our quality over quantity approach.

Take control of your business


We Provide for every Industry

Financial Services

Dynamically track your customers' credit accounts with your company.


Keep track of your impact in the global pharmaceutical landscape.


Drastically reduce vehicle maintenance costs, gain insights into driver behavior to optimize performance and enhance training.

HR management

Delivers strategic insights in customer and employee retention, organisational efficiency & long term sustainability.

Sales Management

Discover new opportunities, improve service, and differentiate from the competition with deep data-driven insights.


We love custom work. Contact us to see how we can build a solution to your industry needs.


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Thinq offers a wide range of business intelligence and data engineering consulting services to help support you throughout your development and deployment process. We have a proven successful track record and are considered to be one of the most experienced teams of Qlik talent in the Benelux area.
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